TB-14 Barbecue


  • Large cooking surface
  • Heat resistant fireproof paint
  • Ability to be moved thanks to the wheel
  • Movable foldable right and left bench
  • Multi-purpose sub-machine
  • Removable ash pan for easy cleaning
  • Heat resistant cast fire grate
  • Enamel coated wire grid
  • Enamel coated dished, oil-proof meatball grill
  • Enamel coated 3-stage resting grill
  • Skewer grid for stringing skewers
  • Hot grill lift handle, tongs
The inner and outer surfaces of the combustion chamber are made of enamel, which is 100% healthy and does not contain any additional chemicals.
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Overall Size H:108 cm | W:90 cm | D:45 cm
Cooking Area Size W:51 cm | D:34 cm

Why Enamel body and grille?
Enamel is a durable, long-lasting, healthy, non-wearing, scratch-proof, stain-proof material obtained by melting glass powder at high temperatures.
Enamel, which is 100% healthy and does not contain any added chemicals, has been the first coating material preferred in cooking tools for years.
The enamel coating is the healthiest and most natural of all synthetic coatings on the market.

Why use the air setting?
There is an air adjustment feature to adjust the burning speed of the fire. The air setting is necessary to regulate the heat, otherwise the food may
burn or not cook. It can also be used as a fire rest.

What is the benefit of the cambered meatball sheet that accumulates fat?
While your food is cooking on the grill, the curved shape of the grill ensures that the oils accumulate in the oil channel on the sides,
and it does not come into contact with coal and other foods. It is necessary to clean the accumulated oil at regular intervals.
Thanks to the oil channel, there is no smoke and fire. If it is not cleaned, the accumulated oil leaks from the edge of the Meatball sheet,
pours into the grill below, accumulates in the oil channel, goes to the 2nd oil tank from there, and does not come into contact with coal and food.
Thanks to the oil tank, there is no smoke and fire.


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