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Its foundations were laid in 1922 in a small stove manufacturing workshop, and has always been one step ahead of change in its 90-year journey. It is the largest and most successful modern stove manufacturer in Turkey and Europe.He started this process by producing a classic wood stove. It added coal stoves to its catalog due to rapid industrialization and widespread use of coal. In addition to heating, it started to produce stoves used for cooking, renewed itself and managed to keep up with the demands and technology of the age.

In 1997, it entered the institutionalization process with the name of Aral Machine in order to institutionalize and grow more with years of experience. It became a part of a rapidly changing world. It continued its development and change in the 2000s. Continuing to manufacture stoves with original designs appealing to the modern world in the early 2000s, Aral Makine added products such as solid fuel stoves, pellet stoves, blown pellet stoves, oven pellet stoves, electric pellet stoves, electric stoves, oven stoves. Product portfolio. It has succeeded in changing the classical stove perception in the world by producing electric stoves and remote controlled, highly technological and modern stoves.



Today, it continues to produce many types of products such as solid fuel stoves, heating stoves, blown pellet stoves, heating pellet stoves, pellet boilers, aluminum radiators and barbecue.

Aral Machine, which wants to continue its domestic success by expanding abroad, continues its activities with the company names Teba in the country and Teba abroad. It is a world player who is progressing step by step towards the goal of achieving the success he has achieved in his country in the world, taking into account the goal of compliance with international standards and continuous development in all its activities.

Core Business Areas

The main business areas of Teba Heating Stoves; heating stoves, pellet stoves, heating boilers, pellet boilers, aluminum radiators, barbecue and stove ovens and machinery sub-industry products.

Our Principles

Being always “the best” is our indispensable goal.

Our most important capital is our human resources.

Our aim is to create resources for continuous improvement.

It is our motto to adhere to superior business ethics and honest working principles.

We aim to give an impetus to Turkey’s economy.

Our company, known in domestic and foreign markets, renews and develops its products day by day, taking into account the demands of our valued customers.